Tuition & Fees for 2014-20145



Oldest or only child
Additional children
Kindergarten (5 day/wk)
$ 7,650.00
Kindergarten (3 day/wk)
$ 6,080.00
1st through 8th grades

Tuition may be paid annually or in twelve monthly installments.

A 3% discount applies if full* annual tuition is paid by June 30, 2014. *The 3% discount does not apply to students accepting any form of tuition adjustment.

Non-Refundable Fees

Application Fee: $60.00
3-Day K Registration Fee: $720.00
5-Day K Registration Fee: $1200.00
1st through 8th Registration Fee: $1600.00
Registration Fee is due upon acceptance to secure child's place.
Registration fee is nonrefundable.


Registered rate - $8/hour (charged in half-hour intervals)
Complimentary care - $5 /event (Parents must call 24 hrs. before meeting) Late fee - $15/quarter hour (A late fee is charge if student is not picked up by 5 pm-Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday or 5:30 pm- Thursday.)

SCWS Tuition Adjustment

Waldorf students come from diverse ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds, and, in keeping with the Waldorf's inclusive philosophy, our school maintains a program of tuition adjustment to promote diversity.