Extra Support


Care Group

The Santa Cruz Waldorf School has a Care Group, which serves to synthesize the observations of teachers, parents, physicians and other individuals on behalf of some students in the kindergarten through eighth grade program. The Care Group is directly responsible for guiding the care of children with special needs and learning challenges and for offering parent support and education on remedial issues. The Care Group assists in the assessments necessary for the transition from kindergarten into first grade and in the interview process for any student who is joining the elementary school program. The Care Group manages funds for the remedial and therapeutic services in the school, including Therapeutic Eurythmy, Extra Lesson and visits by Anthroposophical doctors.

Extra Lesson

The school employs a part time remedial teacher who provides “Extra Lesson” remedial exercises for groups and for individual children with identified remedial needs. She also works closely with kindergarten assessment for first grade readiness and second grade assessment for developmental milestones.

Therapeutic Eurythmy

A Therapeutic Eurythmist visits the school once a week over two six week periods during the school year. Therapeutic Eurythmy is conducted in private fifteen minute weekly sessions, which run in six-week segments. Conversations with parents and teachers ensure the needs of the child are met in these sessions. Some scholarship funds are available to families who are in need. These funds are disbursed through the school’s Care Group. The Therapeutic Eurythmy program has received financial support from Athena during the past four years.

Child Study

As a service to the student, class teacher and parents, the faculty will undertake a Child Study at the request of the class teacher. The class teacher will first obtain permission from the child’s parents and then bring biographical, academic and social descriptions of the child to the Faculty Meeting. The Child Study is a focused conversation in the Faculty Meeting to deepen the teachers’ understanding of and support for a particular child.